How can I get the guarantee VISALE?

How can I get VISALE?
The visa application is made in 3 steps:

1. Filling in your personal data (civil status and current situation);
2. Filling in your income and resources;
3. Download the documents justifying your declarations
Required documents (one of these documents is enough)
Civil status 
French/EU Student :
- Identity Card
- Passport
Non-EU Student :
- Passport with a long-stay visa valid as a residence permit "Mention Étudiant".
- Residence permit "Student Mention".
- Passport with Receipt of application for a residence permit or card (or renewal)
"Mention Étudiant" accompanied by the visa or the previously expired residence permit.
Actual situation
French/EU Student/Non-EU Student :
- Student card or school certificate Ressources
When you’re a student, you don’t need proof of resources.
When will I get my VISALE? 
Your request will be processed as soon as possible and you will receive an answer within 72 hours.