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What happens with my lease contract if I can't come / if I wish to leave because of the COVID-19 or any other reasons ?


If you are renting a room, studio, flat-share, you are engaged financially to pay the rent until the end of your contract. 

However, there is one way you can break your contract.
The only way you can break it is to send a letter of resignation. (Here is the French template & English template.)

You must know that in France, you have to respect a minimum of 1 month before being able to resign from your housing contract, this will allow the landlord to find someone else. 

Let's take an example: if your landlord receives the letter by November 15th, you will have to pay the rent until December 15th. 

✋🏽 This doesn't mean you will pay for the whole of December, you will pay proportionally ✋🏽

Unfortunately, the French government did not change the 1-month notice even for rush departures and this is a huge problem for anyone that has booked a place and will not be able to come in the future or wishes to leave immediately. 

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