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What's the accommodation booking process like in France?

Booking accommodation in France requires some patience!

What are the basics?

You must know that in France, most of the landlords will require from you a French guarantor. A guarantor will be financially responsible for you if you don't pay the rent. Documents and proof of income will be requested.

A deposit is equal to almost one month's rent (usually a bit less) which will be refunded at the end of your stay up to 2 months after your check-out.

The different payments to go through
When book accommodation, the first payment you will be the fees (if there are).
Then, before the 5th of the month, you will have to pay the first month of rent + the deposit.
Usually, the first month of rent is proportional (if your lease starts by 15th, you do not have to pay from the 1st but from the 15th).

Booking when the demand is very high (fall and spring semester)
It's not really possible to book a few months before your arrival, simply because the landlord wants to rent his/her accommodation as soon as possible.
There is something you must know:
If you start the booking process a few months before your arrival, you will be requested to pay the rent before your arrival (up to two months). If you don't, there is a chance that when you feel ready to pay like a month before your arrival, you won't be able to get what you want. The best options will be gone by then..! 

How to check out?
To resign from your housing contract (by the way, all contracts will be based on a year contract, that's pure standard). You will be able to resign from the housing contract within a minimum of one month.
The resignation letter must respect a specific form and must be sent by post letter with proof of receipt. It costs about 6€.

What makes LivinFrance special ?

We are here for you to pay the less possible, and we negotiate with the landlord to make you save money. We help you to understand everything you have to do before and during stay, and after you leave. Furthermore, we also help you to send the resignation letter and on top of that, we will be your guarantor.
This means that you can book a room with us in just a few minutes !

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