How to lower my daily budget while pleasing myself ?

You want to treat yourself, go to a restaurant or even redecorate your home or wardrobe but you don't have the budget ? Don't worry, we have THE right plans for you! 💸


Leboncoin is a resale site. You can buy anything from home decor to a sofa, books or even a car, you can find it all ! These second-hand items are sold at low prices and you can even negotiate a small discount with the seller! What's more, you can also sell items you no longer need !


Geev is a free application where you can give a second life to your objects and food that you will not use. Indeed, you can find ads of people who give away objects and food for free !


Too Good To Go is a free application that is committed to fighting food waste. That's why it allows you to pick up unsold food from restaurants, cafés or supermarkets around you with an 80% discount. All you have to do is find the basket you are interested in and pick it up at the indicated times !

AIR Campus

Air campus is the site that will allow you to find your favourite brands at low prices especially for students from 15 to 25 years old.
Plus, every purchase you make on their site earns you money and gifts! 😍


The AGORAé are spaces for exchange and solidarity that consist of a living space open to all and a solidarity grocery shop accessible on social criteria. Supported and managed by young people for young people, the AGORAé are non-stigmatising places working for equal opportunities for access and success in higher education. 

These solidarity grocery shops allow you to do your shopping for 5 times less than what you could find in a supermarket 


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