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Why a mutuelle is so important? (Complementary health insurance)


In general, the social security in France covers between 30%-70% of the medical expenses, for the rest, you must call upon a complementary health insurance called "Mutuelle". Its role is to cover totally or partially the health expenses that remain at your expense after reimbursement by the social security, hence the term "complementary".  

Moreover, with your mutual insurance company, you can benefit from the "tiers payants" (third party payment) which means that you do not have to pay in advance to most doctors. Your complementary health insurance is in direct contact with the health establishment to pay the bill.

How much will it cost me on average?

You should ask yourself the right questions before choosing the right offer:

  • Do I have specific optical needs (glasses, lenses...)?
  • Do I have specific dental care needs (crowns, dentures...)?
  • Will I be seeing medical specialists several times or not? 
  • Will I need surgery?

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