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Why you might be requested a complementary deposit?

 Livinfrance is a housing platform where you can book your accommodation.
Our mission is to help you to reach to an agreement with the landlord. 

🔒 Livinfrance also acts as your guarantor. Therefore, we can sometimes request for a complementary deposit to accept your booking request. 


💳 How do you know if you will be requested a double deposit? 

When you will make your booking request, your agent will contact you personally in order to help you through it. 

💰 How much is the complementary deposit? 

It is always equal to the initial deposit.

⁉️ How do deposit and complementary deposit work?  

  • The deposit will be paid to the landlord and will be help by the landlord until your departure. 
  • The complementary deposit will be paid to livinfrance and will be returned by livinfrance if your balance payment are cleared after your departure.

💡 Reminder on all the cost you are facing when renting accommodation 

  1. Booking fee paid to LivinFrance.
  2. Monthly rent paid to the landlord every month paid to your landlord. 
  3. Deposit (or security deposit) paid to the landlord for the duration of your stay, refundable if there are no outstanding payments to your landlord. 
  4. Double deposit (or security deposit) paid to livinFrance for the duration of your stay, refundable if there are no outstanding payments.

As a reminder, a security deposit is an amount collected by the owner until your departure. The interest of this deposit is to guarantee to the owner that in the event of unpaid debt or work to be carried out in the house, a sum is made available for this purpose.