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How can you terminate your housing contract?


We have created this letter template for you so you can know exactly what to write. 

You have three options to terminate your lease. 

  • Send the letter below to your landlord by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. You can do that from an office from La poste. 
  • You can deliver the letter below by hand and ask for an acknowledgment of receipt.
  • Send the letter directly via the Post office website (100% made online)

If your landlord is Colocatère, here is where you must send the letter: 

Lille: 68 rue Jordaens, 59000 Lille
Nantes: 6 Rue de l'Hôtel de Ville, 44000 Nantes
Toulouse: 5 Bd de la Méditerranée, 31000 Toulouse
Reims: 15 Rue Carnot, 51100 Reims
Bordeaux: 9 Rue de Pessac, 33000 Bordeaux
Lyon: 2 Pl. Ambroise Courtois, 69008 Lyon