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What documents are required for the VISA?

The final stretch before you start packing ✈️

The constitution of your visa file is an important step and must be meticulously prepared but no worries we are here to help you 😉

To apply for your visa, you will need at least the following items:

  • A recent passport photo that meets the standards
  • Passport issued less than 10 years ago, with at least 3 months of validity left after the visa expires
  • Application fee (non-refundable)
  • Countries with the EEF-Etudes en France procedure: Campus France pre-registration certificate
  • Countries outside the EEF-Etudes en France procedure: Certificate of pre-registration in a higher education institution
  • Proof of accommodation:
    • If the accommodation has been rented: copy of the lease
    • If free accommodation is provided: certificate from the host on plain paper and a copy of his/her French identity card, 3 rent receipts, rental contract or a copy of the property tax for those who own their accommodation,
    • For accommodation in university halls of residence: certificate from the CROUS
  • Proof of sufficient means of living for the duration of your stay:
    • French or foreign government scholarship holders: certificate of scholarship
    • For other applicants: a monthly minimum of €615 is required, i.e. €7380 for one year of study.

The following proofs must be provided (one of them)
- Bank certificate of deposit in a French bank account ;
- Proof of sufficient, reliable and regular resources;
- Support from a sponsor who must justify sufficient and reliable resources/

Depending on the country of deposit, additional documents may be required.

Health/travel insurance may be required by the embassy for your visa application

In order to help you obtain your visa, we have found the right insurance for your needs and your student budget!

Protect yourself with travel/health insurance 🚑


💡 The France VISAS website has set up a simulator accessible by everyone so that you can know the complete list of documents that will be asked of you.

💻 You will also find on our platform a course that will explain the procedure step by step, you just have to let yourself be guided.


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