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My booking is confirmed, what do I need to pay and when?

Once your reservation is confirmed, you must proceed with the payments for the first month's rent, the deposit, and the landlord's fees (if any). 🏠

What are the next payments? 

Upon receiving the lease, you will need to make the first payment to the landlord. Be careful not to miss the deadline for this payment (1 to 3 business days after receiving the lease.)

You will therefore need to proceed with the payment of:

  • First month's rent (pro-rated)
  • Deposit
  • Landlord's fees (if any)

Don't forget to send proof of payment to your landlord via email! 📄

Thereafter, the rent must be paid by the 5th of each month 🗓️

What is pro-rated rent? 

Example: Your rent is 500€, your deposit is 450€ and your lease starts on September 13th
So you will have to pay: 450€ + 300.06€ (18 days rent) 

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