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Why do I have to book earlier than my arrival?

Every semester, housands of people are looking to book a room.  

If you would like to book a room, you need to be careful about when the room is available.

Most landlords will ask you to rent it asap or just leave it.

Imagine you are a landlord and two candidates want to rent your room. Who will you accept ? The one who agrees to pay right now or the one who agrees to pay in two months ?

We know it can seem unfair. You can decide not to book it in advance, but by the time you will come back on the website, the best accommodation will be gone.


If you are coming by late August or September, we advise you to rent your room as soon as possible to book it! 

One of our mission at LivinFrance is to negotiate as much as possible to push the starting date of the lease to make you save money! We recommend considering booking the property a bit before your arrival, and that for only one reason: make sure to get what you want!

We can guarantee at least a 14 days difference. This means that if a room is available from 01/01, we will be able to negotiate with the landlord so you can start the rent from 15/01.

If you are a foreign student who absolutely needs accommodation for the VISA procedure, know that LivinFrance can provide an accommodation and support certificates to guarantee you validation of your VISA. This allows you to avoid paying a lot from abroad and especially to validate accommodation as soon as your VISA is validated!
Isn't it awesome?


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