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🚨 I have to leave urgently, why is my landlord asking me to pay for one more month? 🚨

This has been a typical question we have received during the quarantine period. 
Let's be honest, this is one of the worst situations for every tenant in France. It's pretty unfair. 😡

There is only one reason why your landlord is asking for you to pay for one more month and that's only because of the French system about your lease contract. 

The French system is "simple". Once you have a lease contract, you have a year contract (or 9 months but it's unusual). So that means that technically, you're engaged to rent a property for 1 year. 
However, you can end it anytime BUT you need to respect a period of 1 month of departure notice. And that's the law. No matter what, who, whatever, everybody has to respect that 1 month of notice. 

This is why, if you leave your home and don't send the notice of departure (example here) you will be financially responsible to pay the rent for 1 more month. You need to send the letter as soon as you leave but you'll still be engaged to pay the extra month. 

No worries, we have created this article if you want to know more about the process

It's nothing about being fair or not, it's just the legal way to break the contract and no one can bypass that... 

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