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How to book an accommodation in France?

Before you start your search for accommodation in France, you should already know the market, and the procedure. Come on, we'll explain it all to you 👌

First of all, you should know that the rental market in France is quite tense, every year for back to school there are more requests than offers, so you should not delay to book the accommodation you want. We explain in more detail why in this article.

Then, you should know that the procedure to rent accommodation in France is not so complicated, but you should be well prepared! We have simplified the procedure for you by explaining step by step how to go about it, isn't life great? ❤️

Step 1: Prepare your rental file

As we mentioned above, there are more rental applications than offers, so you must carefully prepare your rental file to have a chance of being chosen by the owner. Here is the list of documents to prepare;

    • Copy of your identity card
    • A certificate of registration at the school
    • Proof of residence for you or your guarantor
    • Copy of your guarantor's ID
    • Proof of income for you or your guarantor (salary slips, etc.)
    • Tax notice for you or your guarantor

If you don't know what a guarantor is, then I invite you to read this article

To put all the chances on your side and make sure that your file is at the top of the pile, we have found the perfect guarantor for your rental file!

I get a French guarantor 👨💻

Step 2: Submit your application

Make contact by introducing yourself: mention your name, your situation, detail the strong points of your file, and indicate the guarantees you have.

You can also contact them by phone by adding +33 at the beginning of the phone number.

With LivinFrance, we make it easier for you to settle in France by offering ready-to-live-in accommodation without a guarantor for students! All rooms are eligible for CAF and we even help you to get it.

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Step 3: File accepted, and then?

    • Stay in touch with your landlord
    • Sign and send the rental contract
    • Make the necessary payments for the rental
    • Transmit your choice of payment method for the rent
    • Transmit your mandatory housing insurance

Housing insurance is a step that should not be neglected, you can be refused access to housing if you have not subscribed. Don't panic, we've found a 100% online offer that you can subscribe to in less than 5 minutes! 

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